Call Israel to account for demolition of Palestinian homes | Letter

The Guardian
November 6, 2020

Linda Ramsden says forced displacement of families is cruel and results in crippling trauma for Palestinian families

The demolition of most structures within a Palestinian community in the Jordan Valley was shocking (Israeli forces leave 41 children homeless after razing Palestinian village, UN says, 5 November). Usually Israel only demolishes a few homes per day, which doesn’t get into the news. By our count, since 1967 this has totalled over 55,000 demolitions of homes and structures vital for living within the occupied Palestinian territories. In 99% of the cases Israel’s demolition and displacement policy is in gross violation of international law. This forced displacement is cruel and results in crippling trauma for Palestinian families. Israel’s demolition of Palestinian homes should be a cross-party issue for every single MP who cares about the rule of law and the future of humanity. We urge our government to call Israel to account.
Linda Ramsden
Director, Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions UK

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