Centre Stage with Roger Waters

9 Oct
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Learn more about Roger's voyage of discovery on Palestine and hear his thoughts on the most important issues of our time.  

Roger Waters is one of the most important musicians of our time. A founding member of legendary progressive rock band Pink Floyd, he has also had a prolific solo career since leaving the band in 1985.

Roger is a revolutionary musician in every sense, as noted recently by Vijay Prashad, he is “both a person who revolutionised music, but as well, a revolutionary who happens to be a musician.”

Having had a lifelong commitment to social and global justice causes, Roger has taken up all the major issues of our time, including the Palestinian cause.

Roger is a leading voice in the global solidarity movement for Palestinian human rights, advocating for the civil society Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions movement.

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Roger Waters

Roger Waters is an English rock musician, singer-songwriter and composer. He co-founded and was the creative force behind Pink Floyd.