Gaza Under Attack: Israel’s Ongoing Nakba Against the Palestinians 75 years On

10 May
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At least fifteen Palestinians have been killed in the early hours of Tuesday morning and throughout the day in a series of Israeli military attacks on the besieged Gaza Strip. More than 40 Israeli warplanes carried out attacks for nearly two hours starting at 2am on Tuesday (23:00 GMT Monday). At least four children and four women have been killed, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health.

Social media users report among those killed in Gaza was Dr Jamal Khaswan, a well-known dentist and Director of the Al Wafa hospital. He was reportedly killed alongside his wife and son.

Palestinian journalist Dr Ramzy Baroud argues Israel’s latest attacks on Gaza are likely being waged by Israel's political leadership, “to ensure that the political crisis in Israel can be averted” and says the ferocity of the attacks imply Israel “intends to kill as many Palestinians as possible” and that we may well be anticipating "continued Israeli attack on Gaza” in the days to come.

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Rana Shubair

Rana Shubair is a Palestinian author, mother and language trainer from Gaza. She specializes in English language training, testing and translation. Working with young people has given her the chance to understand their dreams and the energy that lies within. She sees her job as a chance to instill hope and motivation in their lives so they may take towards accomplishing their dreams. Discover her work at at