Why Palestinian Voices Must be Respected in Britain Today

13 Sep
Ben Jamal

In Focus: The UK’s Anti-BDS Bill, Trade Union & Party Conferences

We speak with Ben Jamal, Director of the UK’s Palestine Solidarity Campaign, to hear what’s being done to challenge the UK government’s Economic Activity of Public Bodies Bill which attempts to ban public bodies from supporting BDS.

Picking up from where we left off in our June show “Defending the Right to Boycott: Confronting the UK’s Anti-BDS Bill”, we hear whether the UK government has indeed been paying attention to British-Palestinians who have been voicing their deep concerns about the moral and legal legitimacy of this Bill, or whether they have attempted to erase them from the discussion altogether, as some reporters have recently claimed.

We also take a closer look at the trade union conferences just kicking off in the UK, as well as the upcoming party conferences to assess what the trajectory for advocacy around Palestinian rights is in the UK at a time when it has never been more urgent to make space for Palestinians to be heard and lead from the front in discussions which affect them most.

Ben Jamal

Ben Jamal is the Director of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, the largest organisation in the UK campaigning for justice, freedom and equality for the Palestinian people. He is also a member of the British Palestinian Committee.